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This site was constructed to help out Washington State residents when they are looking for a company to take care of their mold problem.

When you start looking, you will see that there are a few different companies that can do the type of work you need done.

You may end up using one of these mold removal companies.

And while we are showing these companies on this site, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are recommending them. In the end, you are responsible for making your own decision.

Just use this contact form to send us a question, recommendation or other comment.

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We have written short pages for each of the bigger Washington cities. There are pages for the following:
Tacoma WA
Seattle WA
Spokane WA
Bellevue WA
Yakima WA
Vancouver WA
Bellingham WA
Everett WA

Thank you for spending a little time at our website today.